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Hello all. We sincerely apologize if you have been trying to reach the museum. Never fear, we are NOT closed!

It appears someone has submitted a false request to the phone company to disconnect our service. Our internet is active and ATT is working with us to restore services. We will have internet only through the weekend. On Monday June 10, they will restore our phone service however the internet will drop off temporarily as the primary phone is re-established. ATT should have both the phone and internet operational by Wednesday June 12.

welcome to hangar 9


Welcome to the Airline History Museum website, we hope you enjoy our new design!  We hope you can find time to visit our Museum with your friends and family in the near future to see whats happening at Hangar 9.  The heart of Kansas City plays host to our piece of history and we encourage you to keep an eye on our events schedule above to know whats going on at Hangar 9.


Wednesday - Saturday

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Check Facebook for closures due to winter weather!!


keep an eye on whats happening at the museum